1. Who has the authority to revoke a driving license?

2. When a continuous separation line is marked to your left, accompanied by a broken line to its left:

3. What is the responsibility of a vehicle owner as regards to an offence committed by his vehicle?

4. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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5. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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6. What sign signifies a charging point foe electric vehicles?

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7. What should you do when facing a structure, post or closed area, while driving on a two-way road?

8. Is the Licensing Authority allowed to revoke or suspend an existing driver’s license?

9. Wearing a seat belt as required:

10. How can you avoid frontal collision while driving on a narrow and winding mountain road?

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11. What law is applied to a driver of a hand propelled vehicle?

12. Under what condition is it permitted to drive a motorcycle?

13. How should those involved in a road accident, which resulted in property damage only, conduct themselves?

14. What is considered to be a reasonable driving speed?

15. Who is responsible for keeping a safety distance from the front, rear and sides while riding a motorcycle amongst other vehicle?

16. What is indicated by the following traffic sign?

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17. In your opinion, is the white vehicle within the curve positioned correctly?

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18. How would you drive on a wet road?

19. Where should vehicles drive in a road divided by a Central divider?

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20. How should you behave on the road ahead of you?

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21. “Alcohol slows down the driver’s ability to respond”: Correct or incorrect?

22. When is it allowed to use the horn?

23. Which changes in health condition must be reported to the Licensing Authority?

24. If the roadway is marked with an unbroken separation line accompanied by a dotted line to its left:

25. According to the picture, how should drivers before the traffic light behave?

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26. Who is held responsible for a vehicle causing excessive noise?

27. What is the meaning of the light appearing in the following traffic light?

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28. Accidents that are a result of driver fatigue might occur:

29. Is it permitted to stop or park a vehicle after a pedestrian crossing?

30. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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