1. From which lane is it permitted to perform a U-turn to the left?

2. How are you required to conduct yourself in the following road section?

תמונה עבור שאלה 201

3. How should you conduct yourself at an exit from a premises or from an access road to a house, when you are about to cross the sidewalk (pavement)?

4. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

תמונה עבור שאלה 50

5. Is a policeman authorized to require a vehicle driver to undergo a blood test for the presence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs?

6. What is the legal definition of a “road”

7. What part of the vehicle reduces whiplash during collision?

8. Which sign warns of the presence of wild animals ahead?

תמונה עבור שאלה 508

9. Where in the vehicle should the fluorescent vest be kept (except for motor-cycles)?

10. What is the speed limit on an urban road for a private passenger car (if not indicated otherwise by any road sign)?

11. Which of the following road signs permits U-turns only?

תמונה עבור שאלה 33

12. When is it permitted to pass more than one vehicle during one overtaking maneuver?

13. Is it permitted to drive on the sidewalk in order to pass a road obstacle?

14. When a driver is blinded by the sun, he should:

15. What is considered to be a reasonable driving speed?

16. You are approaching a road section with traffic sign 308 posted before it. A vehicle approaching from the opposite direction already entered the road section . What should you do?

תמונה עבור שאלה 211

17. When are you required to turn on the direction indicators and signal?

18. What is the meaning of the following traffic signs?

תמונה עבור שאלה 851

19. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of us is required:

20. What in the conduct of the blue vehicle is improper?

תמונה עבור שאלה 475

21. Why is a driver required to adjust his sitting position before starting to drive?

22. A back seat passenger must wear a seatbelt. Who is held responsible if a back seat passenger doesn’t wear his seat-belt?

23. When you approach a railway crossing and an approaching train is seen, heard or sounds a warning signal:

תמונה עבור שאלה 91

24. What are you required to do when approaching a railroad barrier in a “down position” (meaning: horizontal)?

תמונה עבור שאלה 1086

25. Apart from a driving instructor, who may escort a “new driver”?

26. How should you conduct yourself on the road ahead?

תמונה עבור שאלה 616

27. The driver’s reaction distance is the distance covered by the vehicle:

28. What is a “breathalyzer test”?

29. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

תמונה עבור שאלה 59

30. Traffic sign 424 remains valid until the following sign is posted:

תמונה עבור שאלה 736

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