1. Is it permitted to drive on a separation area?

2. How is a driver supposed to deal with a situation in which pedestrians are crossing his driving lane on a crossing whilst he is making a right turn?

3. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

תמונה עבור שאלה 994

4. Which of the following road signs indicates a pedestrian crossing?

תמונה עבור שאלה 376

5. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

תמונה עבור שאלה 840

6. Is it obligatory to remove the meter from a taxi if its owner doesn’t have a valid taxi operation permit?

7. Within what distance of a bus stop is it forbidden to stop a vehicle?

8. In the following picture, the response of the drivers to the vehicle that comes out of parking is unclear. How is the truck driver required to respond to this situation?

תמונה עבור שאלה 640

9. Under which conditions is a vehicle allowed to deviate from its line of driving?

תמונה עבור שאלה 312

10. In the event of a bus driving outside the traffic transportation lane – Is it allowed to overtake another overtaking vehicle?

11. When a driver’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds lawful levels, will he be regarded as a drunk driver?

12. From which lane is it permitted to perform a U-turn to the left?

13. Who is under obligation to be familiar with the traffic laws and obey them?

14. What are the rules concerning the transportation of children on a route service taxi?

15. Upon parking your vehicle on the right of the road in an urban:

16. What should we do when driving behind a vehicle that is giving a direction indicator signal?

17. Is a policeman authorized to require a vehicle driver to undergo a blood test for the presence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs?

18. Which type of "city policing" vehicle is permitted to emit a blue light with a flashing yellow light?

19. How is a driver required to conduct himself when intending to overtake a school transport bus that stopped to pick-up and let down children?

תמונה עבור שאלה 449

20. Is a bus driver permitted to smoke while driving?

21. What are the permitted driving directions according to the traffic signs in the following intersection?

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22. According to the law an accordian style bus:

23. The following traffic sign is the only sign posted at an intersection. Is it permitted to turn left?

תמונה עבור שאלה 1108

24. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

תמונה עבור שאלה 1061

25. Is a public minibus weighing 3300kilos all up weight permitted to park within the limits of the following road sign?

תמונה עבור שאלה 50

26. Is there a connection between the driver’s judgment and the use of drugs and alcohol?

27. Is every taxi required to have an ABS anti-lock braking system?

28. When is the driver of a private vehicle exempt from wearing a seat belt?

29. When are we not obligated to drive on the far right side of the right lane?

30. Is it obligatory to obey the directions of a policeman who has identified himself with an appropriate certificate?

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